About My Process


The first step in any digital project is to understand the needs of my client. What is the project? Is it a standalone project, or part of a larger initiative? Who is the audience? What is the primary goal of the project? I always make sure to ask the right questions because you can’t build a successful product without knowing what it is, who it’s for, how it fits in to the bigger picture, and what it aims to achieve. This is how the information architecture gets created.


Once the discovery phase is completed, it’s time for prototyping. All the things we learn in project discovery inform the design. Tailoring the user interface to match the audience and objectives is one of my specialties; after doing this for twenty years, it comes pretty quickly to me and I know how to choose the right tools for the job. I’ll typically show a few different options for look and feel before any code has been written. The development phase is next, and it usually arrives along with some happy clients.


With the proliferation of mobile devices and different browsers, it’s more important than ever to make sure that websites and applications can adjust and respond to whatever kind of device they’re being viewed on. This is easier said than done, but my coding techniques have evolved over time to keep pace with the latest developments in mobile development and responsive design so that in the end, the user experience on your website or application will be as consistent as possible on any device.


After our approved design has been coded and reviewed in a testing environment, it’s time to unleash it on the unsuspecting world. I can assist you with web hosting options, or provide you with files to spec ready to be deployed in your own environment. My thorough QA process will ensure that by the time we move to the deployment phase, it will be a smooth transition with no surprises.

My Skills

I consider myself a one-woman design shop, although my preference and goal is to work in a creative team where we can build on our strengths and develop new ones. Below is how I see my skills.

  • UI & UX Design100%

  • Graphic Design 95%

  • CSS/HTML 80%

  • IA80%

  • Illustration60%

  • Adobe Creative Suite90%

  • Jquery70%

  • CMS80%

  • SEO60%

What They Say

Since she joined us in 2009, Raya has been a great asset to the Creative Team at the NYC Dept. of Education. She has a great instincts, a strong sense of style and understands how to create designs that are both highly engaging and intuitively usable. She is a team player with excellent communication skills, and can quickly turn around comps to address complex business requirements. Raya is a true multimedia artist who understands the nuances of designing for and outputting to different media types, whether it's print, web, mobile or interactive. Highly recommended!

Eric Jaimes, Creative Lead at the NYC Department of Education

Since she joined the DIIT Creative Team I have had the honor to witness her ability to artistically balance great color and layout choices with the ability to design user experiences based on her talent for understanding what people want and need.

When others ask me about Raya, the first thing that comes mind is her imagination, because she is not just a great designer, but an inspiring artist as well. It is an honor to work with her, so if you are considering Raya for a design project, hiring her would be a smart choice. Raya's ability to take ideas from concept to reality is truly remarkable.

Tremis Skeete, Web & Multimedia Designer at the NYC Department of Education

I engaged Raya to create Product Tours in Flash, both for LivePerson and BurlingtonEnglish. They are fantastic! Thanks to her creativity, complex technical concepts are easily understandable. The LivePerson tours saved pre-sales team members hours of phone calls ... they just simply pointed prospects to the movies. She also created one for BurlingtonEnglish that is used in trade shows, sales calls, online marketing. Raya is a creative powerhouse!

Susie Stulz, Freelance Copywriter

I hired Raya to create an online feature for families that visit The Jewish Museum's website. This project was inspired by a children's book the Museum had already produced many years ago.

Raya excelled with her creativity, programming, design, illustration, and conceptual ideas...everyone was thrilled by the result including the entire Education department, Deputy Directors, and Director of the Museum. She went above and beyond with what we thought possible for this online feature and provided us with a wonderful family-friendly resource that has already been enjoyed by many visitors to our site. Raya is the consumate professional and was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is dedicated to her work and demonstrates that passion in everything she does. I could not think of a better match for a web design project - Raya delivers!

Rachel Katz, Senior Manager of Family Programs at The Jewish Museum

Raya is on-time, on-budget and on the mark. She is terrific at big ideas with quick turn around. I love working with Raya and she is stellar at big creative artsy projects as well as on-brand and large corporate jobs. I have hired Raya a number of times for banner ads, web design and UI. If you want a professional designer who is also a lovely person to work with, hire Raya.

Heather Newman, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at AvePoint

Raya is great at getting the project done. There is no attitude, she's happy to make changes and give you options, and the result is tight - just what you need.If you really want to see her unique creative abilities, hire her to work on sites for kids or for your own creative buisness - she can really break it out of the standard kind of template and give you an organic, lively, and engaging result.

Jacquelyn Krones, Principal Research Strategist at Nordstrom Direct

I have been working with Raya Dukhan since 2000. She created the DumbClothing company logo, site design, and is responsible for updates, re-design and maintenance over the years. The most difficult part of working with a creative web designer is communicating your message and vision. Raya was able to understand and implement all ideas communicated to her. The whole process was made simple. She was able to meet all deadlines effortlessly.

Paula Fletcher, Proprietor of Dumb Clothing

Fine Art Portfolio

Raya Dukhan Bio

BFA, Columbia College of Chicago, concentration Fine Arts

Shapes and forms come to life in my paintings through the exploration of textures and materials. My aesthetic is rooted in brilliant color compositions and combinations of mediums.

My inspiration comes from travel, the people I meet, and the adventures that I encounter along the way.

I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, immigrated as a child to New York, grew up in Chicago, and spent some time in the Pacific Northwest. I currently live in Brooklyn, NY.

Salon D'Art, New York, NY — November, 2012
Sketchbook Project, Atlanta, Chicago, Brooklyn — May, 2009
Park Slope Annual Open Studio, Brooklyn NY — May, 2008
El Levante, Rosario, Argentina — December, 2007
Project Flower Shop, Brooklyn, NY — December, 2006
Salon de Relocalisation, New York, NY — May, 2005
NYC Decom, Queens, NY — October, 2004
Hello Gorgeous, Seattle, WA — October, 2003
Wallingford Gallery, Seattle, WA — February, 2003
Salon Dewi, Seattle, WA — November, 2002
Georgetown Gallery, Seattle, WA — May, 2002
Vendaria, Inc, Seattle, WA — September – November, 2001
The Mark Gallery, Olympia, WA — July, 2001
Stella Beam, Seattle, WA — September, 1999 – August, 2000
Hadley's Art Space, Seattle, WA — January, 1999 – July, 1999
Art Works, Bellevue, WA — November, 1998
Gallery Jams, Port Townsend WA — December, 2007
Moongate, Port Townsend, WA — August, 2006
Salal Cafe, Port Townsend, WA — July, 2005
The Public House, Port Townsend, WA — February, 2005 - April, 2005
Cafe Ptarmigan, Port Townsend, WA — August, 2004

El Lavante, Rosario, Argentina - Fall, 2007
Ox-Bow, Saugatuck, MI - Summer, 1988

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